History of GEEDC


Incorporated in 1974 by R. Benjamin Wiley and J. Robert Baldwin, the arrival of cable television in Erie County was to provide training and employment opportunities for the citizens of Erie in systems construction with the hopes that minorities would be included in Erie Cable Television construction and operations.


GEEDC was an active investor in Cable TV and its success provided GEEDC with a ROI to finance other projects. In 1980, ownership in Erie Cablevision was as follows: Erie Telecommunications 53%, Times Publishing Company 28%, GEEDC 10% and J. Robert Baldwin 9%.


GEEDC used profits derived from cable stock to provide educational scholarships and economic & business development programs for minorities and underserved populations. In 1977, GEEDC purchased the property located at 18 West 9th Street where Erie Telecommunications was a major tenant. Former radio station WLKK would become a tenant in 1988.